Special Printed Surgical Doctor Nurse Cap

  1. Made of tied and printed fabric, our surgical cap provides both style and functionality.
  2. The soft lining on the inside offers extra comfort for long hours of wear.
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Surgical Doctor Nurse Cap

Introducing our Special Printed Surgical Doctor Nurse Cap designed for healthcare professionals. Experience the perfect combination of fit and functionality with our fabric surgical cap. It features a soft lining in the forehead area for added comfort.

We prioritize fabric quality, which is why we use printed cotton fabric for our caps. Made with 100% cotton composition, it allows your skin to breathe and provides comfort even during long hours of wear. With a density of 150 g/m2, it is lightweight and flexible.

Our surgical cap is available in a standard size, offering a suitable option for everyone. It is identified by model number 4000, ensuring a high-quality and durable choice.

Considering the importance of hygiene in the healthcare industry, this surgical cap is designed to be easy to clean and maintain. Choose this cap confidently to enhance your professional appearance.

Experience both comfort and professionalism with our Surgical Doctor Nurse Cap, combining style and functionality in the healthcare sector.

Product Details:

  • Fabric: Printed cotton
  • Composition: 100% cotton
  • Density: 150 g/m2 Size:
  • Standard Model: 4000

Fabric selection is important for comfort and health aspects of clothing. This product is made from a superior blend of medical cotton and polyester. To learn more about the differences between cotton and polyester, you can read our article “Cotton vs. Polyester.

Also, feel free to explore our blog posts for more information about fabrics and their importance for health.