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The uniform of a modern medical staff and aesthetic medicine specialist must meet high quality standards and have several properties:

• protect from exposure to harmful substances

• well ventilated

• be comfortable to wear

• be hypoallergenic

• be easy to care for

• be easy to clean

• withstand multiple washes

• emphasize the status and professionalism of the owner

Cotton fabrics are comfortable to wear, breathable, absorbent and resistant, but they have disadvantages: they wrinkle, shrink, shed, wash out.

Polyester fabrics are more comfortable and unpretentious in care, durable, repels water. The medical uniform with the addition of synthetics is well washed, dries quickly (this also applies to sweat), retains its original colour for a long time, but it is not always pleasant to wear it, the body “gets tired” in a polyester uniform very quickly.

Cotton and polyester couldn’t be more different. But being during the production of medical fabrics, they give properties that cannot be achieved using each fiber separately. Cotton blend fabric combines the best properties of both natural and polyester fibers. Medical clothes made of blended cotton are durable and wear-resistant, as well as:

• pleasant to touch;

• has high durability;

• quite elastic

• does not wrinkle and is resistant to shrinkage;

• wear-resistant and durable

The most optimal ratio in the composition is 60% cotton and 40% polyester, the fabric in this case retains the softness and naturalness of cotton to the touch. The more you know about production of medical clothing, the better choices you can make when selecting a medical uniform to meet your needs.